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Hi, I’m Tonya. And the cutie beside me is my sidekick, Dexter the Dog. I have been a professional in the pet industry since 1998. I have been a professional dog trainer for over two decades and I’ve even been named one of the top ten dog trainers in the US, twice! I love to spread the word about positive ways of preventing and managing behavior issues with a holistic approach.


In the beginning….
My pet career started in an animal shelter, and I quickly realized I wanted to prevent the animals from arriving there in the first place, hence my journey into dog training. Over the years, I have worked with numerous dog rescue groups and animal shelters with their adoptions, foster families, and behavior cases. From pet fundraisers to hosting charity pet events, I’ve always tried to do whatever I could to help. At one point, I was the Ohio coordinator for Cavalier Rescue USA.

My current animal rescue work tends to be behind the scenes with foster dogs and their behavioral problems. With the addition of technology such as video chats, email, and telephone, I’m able to advise rescue groups from all over the world, and that is pretty amazing. I presently work with a core group of dog rescue groups, since I’m unable to assist everyone pro-bono.


Published Work
I have been published or featured in some of the top pet magazines and blogs, including Animal Wellness Magazine, Dogs Naturally Magazine, Pet Professional Guild, Chewy, 4-Legger Pet Products, The Dog Clinic, The Honest Kitchen, Darwin’s Natural Pet Products,, 24PetWatch, HubPages, Consumer Advocate, Natural Awakenings Magazine, Go Pet Friendly, Great Pet Reviews, among many others.

I’ve published numerous books on positive dog training, cooking for dogs, and even a children’s book. My current projects include creating unique and educational coloring books for kids, adult coloring books, dog training journals, a dog raw feeding cookbook, and continuing with my series, Dexter the Dog and Friends.

Besides my freelance work and books, I also run my successful blog, Raising Your Pets Naturally. Raising Your Pets Naturally embraces all of my loves: dog behavior, dog training, cat behavior, dog and cat nutrition, pet care, pet product reviews, traveling with dogs, pet and human health, and of course, lots of fun and useful information.

Not only do I create printed content, but I create pet care and training videos too. Not with one YouTube channel, but two. Raising Your Pets Naturally and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tips and Fun. Both YouTube channels focus on positive dog training, natural pet care, and dog enrichment.


Unique Merchandise of Pet Lovers
If you are dog obsessed such as me, you have to have the right pet shirts, stickers, and gear to go along with your passion. Therefore, I created three distinctive shops: THE Dog Designs, Cavalier Gifts, and Dexter the Dog and Friends. All three shops offer unique and original merchandise for the dog lover. Most of the designs are inspired by real-life dog muses!


Private Dog and Puppy Training Online

After two decades as an in-person dog trainer, I have learned that real dog training and behavior modification happen at home. With my professional guidance and our ongoing communication via Skype, phone, video tutorials, and/or video uploads, together we can improve your dog’s behavior, keep you on the right track, or just find fun ways to engage your pup.

My services go beyond basic dog obedience. As an advocate for raising pets naturally, I can assist you with choosing the best foods, DIY recipes, safe dog toys, canine massage, engaging dog games, dog care tricks, and more.

Public Speaking and Entertainment
I’ve had the great fortune to speak and offer live entertainment at some of the largest and most successful pet expos. But, my favorites are when I am able to talk to small and imitate pet events. I’ve also presented pet lectures via online platforms. With today’s technology, the sky really is the limit.

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Yes, there’s more.  I created two communities to support dog and cat lovers from around the world. The groups are meant for us all to engage with each other and most importantly, with our pets. They should be part of our lives. The communities are intended to be helpful groups for members. Your input, tips, and ideas are just as valuable as mine. No one has all the answers. We are all learning new and fun ways to live a happy and healthy life with our pets.

The focus of each of the groups circles around positive dog training tips, canine enrichment, dog tricks, canine physical therapy, pet nutrition, and natural pet care. Cats are welcome and encouraged to participate in the conversation. All in a place of transparency, honesty, opinion, kindness, and support. Drama and negativity will not be part of either group.

Raising Your Pets Naturally, Positive Training, Dog / Cat Enrichment Group -All breeds of dogs and kitties.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Training, Games, Care, Tips & Demos-Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Specific

I try to follow my passions and inspire others to do the same. Laugh, smile, and have fun with your pets. You only get one life, make it count.
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